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Guard Services

Protect your property and personnel with trained professionals.

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Homeland Security

Certified programs in training security personnel and staff in how to
observe, identify and prevent terrorist activity.

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Investigative Services

Our highly-trained investigators provide expert legal services for attorneys & property owners.

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New Services

We offer a host of unique security & investigation services tailored especially for you.

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When exceptional service is the only acceptable option

Millennium Protective Services, Inc. offers a wide range of specialized investigation and professional security services. Our mission is to set the industry standard by continually seeking to improve, broaden and redesign our services in order to maintain the highest level of customer loyalty and support.

Our dedicated management team works diligently to lead the security industry through technical innovation and customized programs, allowing Millennium Protective Services, Inc. continued growth and success without compromise to customer service.

A unique combination of professional service innovations, dedicated management and customer service offered by Millennium Protective Services, Inc. makes this company the clear choice for those seeking professional business solutions for all their investigation and security services needs.